Hello! Welcome to my safe space. I’m Iman. Daydreamer, lover, Chicagoan, (amateur) world traveller, first-gen mixed African, Aries sun/rising, Pisces moon (if you’re into all that) and as of recently, London based grad student. I started this blog as a place to express myself & explore all versions of me. I’m obsessed with the idea of reinvention!  

I left Chicago in 2016, and have had somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle ever since. I’ve lived in Arhus (a tiny Danish city), Amsterdam and now London. This platform is a culmination of all things I experience and love, including travel, culture, beauty, art, style, music and more. I hope that it’ll be source of inspiration and a place to connect over deeper, meaningful conversations.

If you’d like to collaborate on a creative project or even just grab a coffee and chat, please feel free to drop me a line at  

Cheers! x